WVS India Chairman: Nigel Otter

+91 (0) 944 36 99 376

WVS ITC Clinical Director: Ilona Otter

+91 (0) 948 63 17 538


How you can help

Worldwide Veterinary Service Support from individuals like you is very important to help us to carry on with our work. All donations to WVS India are income-tax deductible under the 80G Indian income tax Act.

There are also many ways you can help by donating useful supplies, for example; food for the dogs, blankets, towels, feeding bowls, monthly diesel allowance for our dog catching vehicle, medicine and surgical materials, instruments, furniture to the staff quarters, stationary/office supplies, new shoes for our staff…

WVS India accounts are audited by John Mathews & Co, chartered accountants. The 2014-2015 audited accounts are available here. Earlier audit reports are available on request.

Quaterly Bank Acc Statement

Bank Statement: from 1 Sep 2017 to 30 Sep 2017

Bank Statement: from 1 Dec 2017 to 8 Jan 2018

Bank Statement: from 1 Oct 2017 to 10 Jan 2018

Bank Statement: from 1 Jan 2018 to 1 March 2018

Annual Audited Report

Bank Statement: from 1 Jan 2016 to 1 Jan 2017

UK Charity Registration Number. 1100485.
WVS India, a registered Indian charity (reg no 79/2010), recognised
by the Animal Welfare Board of India (govt of India).