About Us

double_cat_imgWorldwide Veterinary Service International Training Center (WVS ITC), located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, South India, focuses in providing practical training courses for veterinarians, animal handlers, veterinary assistants and project managers in various aspects of animal health and welfare. A major emphasis of our work is in high quality spay/neuter (animal birth control) & rabies control–programs and in empowering veterinarians from all around India as well as from other countries to work in these projects to effectively and humanely control dog populations for the welfare of dogs and humans. We believe in improving animal welfare by veterinary skills development, inspiration and advice. Since the inauguration of WVS ITC in 2010, we have built an excellent reputation as a centre of excellence in small animal surgery training in India. We are also known for our team of skilled and motivated animal handlers and veterinary assistants, who have been working in some of the biggest rabies control campaigns across India with Mission Rabies.
dctr_op_imgWe believe in encouraging veterinarians to commit in lifelong learning and continuous professional development to stay updated of the current trends, debates and techniques that are relevant and important for the improvement of animal health and welfare in their countries.We work together with veterinary colleges across the world to provide practical skills training for vet students (e.g. EMS) and modular courses conducted by our experienced vet trainers as resource personnel for veterinary colleges, especially in the developing countries (e.g. in Nepal and Ethiopia). We aim to work together with government bodies, ensuring sustainability of our activities for the benefit of human and animal health and welfare, the One Health –concept. WVS ITC is run in India by WVS India, a charitable Indian trust that was registered in 2010 on the firm foundation that IPAN (India Project for Animals and Nature) had already achieved in the animal welfare field. WVS India is recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI). You can read more about the history of the IPAN and WVS relationship and collaboration from here.