WVS ITC surgery-course schedule for 2016

Note: Yellow marked boxes are for international participants.

2016 course dates
4TH Jan to 15th Jan
25th Jan to 5th Feb
8th Feb to 19th Feb
22nd Feb to 4th Mar
7th Mar to 18th Mar
21st Mar to 1st Apr
4th-8th April CAT SPECIAL
11th Apr to 22nd Apr
9th May to 20th May
25th Apr to 6th May
23th May to 3th June
6th June to 17th June
20th June to 1st July
4th July to 15th July
25th July to 5th Aug
8th Aug to 19th Aug
22nd Aug to 2nd Sept
5th Sept to 16th Sept
19th Sept to 30th Sept
3rd Oct to 14th Oct
17th Oct to 28th Oct
31st Oct to 11th Nov
14th Nov to 25th Nov
28th Nov to 9th Dec
12th Dec to 24th Dec

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What are the WVS ITC courses and who can apply?

The objective of WVS India International Training Center (WVS ITC) is to provide veterinary skills development, inspiration and advice for veterinarians and veterinary assistants especially in the field of humane dog population control and rabies control.

The ITC surgery courses provide the participants with skills and confidence in good quality surgery and related clinical skills and increased understanding in veterinarian’s role in public health matters like rabies control and responsible use of antibiotics. It also challenges veterinarians to think how they can be actively promoting animal welfare in their daily work.

The courses are meant for veterinarians and last year veterinary students, who are actively working in the clinical field and who are likely to be able to spay/neuter dogs after the course.

Couple of times a year, we have also been able to provide ‘ITC-specials’. These are shorter courses run by certified international veterinary specialists of different fields.

We provide vocational training in the veterinary assistant and animal handler work parallel to the ABC surgery courses for non-veterinary people interested in working in ABC projects. We also welcome ABC project managers to attend the course to learn and see in practice the important elements of good ABC-surgery project.

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